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We Are An Apple Orchard - Not A Bakery !
  Each weekend, we fry donuts and bake cookies & turnovers for your eating pleasure.  In addition to our Bloomin' Apple Dessert, you'll also find huge hand-dipped caramel apples made right here in Wisconsin's favorite apple orchard close to home.  But remember, we are an apple orchard not a bakery, and these goodies sell-out fast!  Please call a day ahead if you want large quantities.
  Apple Cider Donuts are fried each Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon at our orchard. They are made with real apple cider and just enough cinnamon for a great apple taste.  Maple Ridge is the ONLY orchard around to feature apple cider donuts.
Orchard Fresh Pies (Pre-orders encouraged) -  Using apples from our own orchard, our pies can be custom made for you. We bake 10" round pies, heaping with fresh apples grown right at our orchard...We call them, "The 4 Pounders."
Our Caramel Apples are hand-dipped in gourmet caramel made for us by End of the Trail Candy Shoppe.  Choose from plain, peanut, pecan, M&M or chocolate sprinkles. These delicious caramel apples are available each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Caramel apples are a frequent early sell-out.  For larger orders of 6 or more, please call ahead. 

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Apples have no fat, cholesterol or sodium, and contain small amounts of potassium, which promote heart health, help maintain healthy blood pressure and a healthy weight.

Dr Paula Red